Blair Dunkley An Overview of Some of the body of work

We are defining the following, for the simple purpose of achieving a common language, while you are reading this proposal.

Behaviors – observable actions or movements.

Skills – as series of behaviors that collectively create a complete tool.

Process – fluid sequence that is an indication of a shift or change.

Sticky Behaviors – Sticky behaviors are behaviors that are simple to use an d get the user virtually instant desired results.

Contagious Behaviors – the unconscious transmission of actions or emotions from one individual to another.

Positive Infection – a belief, attitude, feelings or behavior that produces a desired response in one individual through to a larger group. An effective corporate culture is an example which is demonstrating evidence of a positive infection at work.

Managed Buying Process – A ReWiring The Mind developed process which facilitates a client to focus on value not price. The salesperson follows a defined belief structure that leads the client to understand that the purchase of the product or service will satisfy their perceived need/problem.

Corporate Culture – shared and demonstrable values prevalent through a company’s population.

Legacy Coaching* – training process of replacing our skills and leaving them in the hands of the client company to continue to evolve the training work installed.

* Licensing is required for this to be installed.

Blair Dunkley’s specific body of work is done on “sticky behaviors” and the science behind peak performance, questioning strategies, success fundamentals for basic human communication and relationship selling processes. Both Blair and Melissa have studied the development of leadership and the key skills and behaviors required for the effective development and mentoring of skill transfer from one leader to another – which we often refer to as our Leadership Mentor – a succession focused process – which is the transferring knowledge of leadership competences and experience to other younger/less experienced leaders.

ReWiring The Mind has taken this research and deliberately applied it to all our business services and coaching – which are, individual coaching and mentoring, executive team development and intervention, corporate culture alignment or re-engineering, sales management training and elite sales performance and development.

All ReWiring The Mind’s training services and programs focus on the processes of getting desired results on a predictable basis. By focusing on the skills that drive behaviors for effective people performance management training systems, all of which, is tailored for the specific company and its unique requirements and market environment.

Client Success Stories

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