Mind Model Mastery Secrets

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This Podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to discover the key thinking tools of high achievers. You're now part of a small group of people who are trying to learn the ins and outs of these tools called Mind Models without the fluff. This podcast will give you the inside look of the daily life of a Mind Model Coach and what he's done for the past 30 years to transform his clients so they can get SIX and SEVEN Figure results. Welcome to Mind Model Master Secrets!

Mind Model Method

Perfect Intro Into Mind Models

Find out why businesses & coaching clients are getting 2x to 10x better results...

Don't experience the guilt of a failed client by creating lifelong clients that are happy to refer.

You can learn how a client got $1.9 million with this method without "Mindset" or "Manifestation"!

Ultimate Mind Hacking

Have you realized that YOU are the barrier?

Are you guilty of procrastination, poor time management or just struggling to prioritize your goals? Second-guessing your decision-making can cause fear. Taking on too much risk can cause long-term debt and worry. Get your copy today for free!

Stopping Self Sabotage

Make the change today

Self sabotage is a habit that starts in the mind. Most business owners MUST stop their own self sabotage behaviors in order to achieve what they're looking to achieve. This simple training will identify where your self sabotage begins and present solutions to move past those negative thoughts and habits.

How To ReWire Your Mind For Wealth

Actions that will shape your mind

In this ground-breaking home training program, Blair Dunkley – a “Certified Master Trainer” and behavioral researcher, who has been transforming people’s lives and making millionaires for the past 35 years – will guide you through the process of identifying the hidden barriers, blocks and beliefs about money that are currently sabotaging you and holding you back from wealth and financial success.

16 Mind Models

True Mastery is around the corner

Mastering these 16 Mind Models will empower you to master your life. This is where the actions you take will create transformation in your mind and your reality. Sign up now to get instant access to the 16 mind models!


Discover What Is Holding You STUCK

In this amazing one hour session Blair will give you your profile and explain Mind Models specific to the barriers and gaps that you are experiencing. With Decades of experience, Blair will help you identify the areas that need focus and exactly which mind models will be crucial to apply. This will transform your Life & Business as you become the person you dream to be!

Mind Model Method Coach Training

Become a Mind Model Coach

Mind Models have impacted so many people over the last 30 years, and yet there are SO many more who could benefit. Blair Dunkley is a master of his craft, but he is ONE person that can only do so much. Time for you to become a Mind Model Coach and help create a greater impact in the world!

Personal Coaching & Consulting

Your business starts with YOU

This service is for the purpose of Individual Leadership Development and/or Executive Team Development. It is an individualized and tailored leadership coaching process for C-Level leaders and Business owners. Purpose of this service is to give the senior management, someone, outside the organization to talk to, someone who can also coach and train the leader/s to get strategic perspectives and facilitate a self- development opportunity for the leaders, not commonly found for the highest level of management. This service is offer on a yearly contract with a three-month trial period ensuring the leader has an opportunity to assess and be completely satisfied with the effectiveness of the one-to-one ReWiring The Mind – Intentional Leadership Approach.

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