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Individual Executive Development – Intentional Leadership Coaching 

This service is for the purpose of Individual Leadership Development and/or Executive Team Development.  It is an individualized and tailored leadership coaching process for C-Level leaders and Business owners.  Purpose of this service is to give the senior management, someone, outside the organization to talk to, someone who can also coach and train the leader/s to get strategic perspectives and facilitate a self- development opportunity for the leaders, not commonly found for the highest level of management.  This service is offer on a yearly contract with a three-month trial period ensuring the leader has an opportunity to assess and be completely satisfied with the effectiveness of the one-to-one ReWiring The Mind – Intentional Leadership Approach.


Organizational Change –Intentionally Engineering the Change Process

This service is offered on by a corporate wide project basis.  The purpose of this service is to re-align corporate beliefs and values with structures and processes, for the long-term betterment of, internal and external customers, managing current and future change and facilitating a economically, socially and environmentally profitable organization.  Leveraging the change process while only having to train 30% of the population within the organization, a desired corporate culture change can be achieved, in most cases inside of three years.  The time required is determined by the numbers of people that make up 30% of the organization and the degree of change required in getting the desire corporate culture.

Getting Dynamic Sales Results – Training Sales Professionals as well as Sales Managers.  Our unique managed buying process focuses on behavioral skills not commonly understood in the sales industry.  It works for salespeople, and we guaranteed it will increase your teams/corporate sales.   ReWiring the Mind’s Elite Sales Training Program Igniting the Buying Conversation (IBC), deconstructs the most critical selling principles and teaches the specific skill sets required to implement them.  These behavior-based competencies form the indispensable foundation for successful selling and negotiating in any industry, market or organization and INCREASE SALES.

GETTING SALES RESULTS IN LOW MARKETS: Clients need a training provider that has experienced training salespeople in both, up markets, and down markets alike.  ReWiring The Mind has been here before – remember the huge IT stock crash in 2000? And, just recently, the asset-backed issues causing the market crash in the USA, 2009?


We also understand that, in the rapidly changing financial conditions, the ability to be nimble, agile and responsive to the customer is greater than ever before. Customers have access to more information than any other time in history. This information needs to be understood as to its implied reactive qualities or triggers. The customer will react either positively or negatively to any given piece of information. Creating an effective sales force that understands and uses this information as an opportunity to understand the needs and objectives of the customer a nd deliberately creates a safer, more rewarding environment where the customer will consistently win.


Customers as well as the sales force have beliefs about existing market conditions. The decline in the US economy and the effects on the Canadian market, for example, will be seen by some customers as a very scary situation, while other customers view the same situation as an opportunity. The skill of the sales force will determine your ability to retain those clients that are scared while simultaneously growing and attracting clients that can view this as an opportunity.

Creating a sales force and sales process to take advantage of the changing financial conditions is precisely the set of conditions that optimizes the behavioural approach that ReWiring The Mind employs.

Trainer Training: This Trainer Program is ReWiring The Mind’s Commitment to Training Other Professionals in the Coaching field.  We are often sought out by other coaches and trainers and have created a program that will aid in their professional development of skills to identify effective behaviors and gap analysis assessment.  Coach training plays a significant role in organizations, not only in the world of business, but also in the worlds of sports, medicine, and other community services. Coach training is essential for the social and economic set-up of any business. Coaching skills in leaders, managers and team leads are important ingredients for an engaging environment, employee retention, recruitment, and company’s ability to expand. ReWiring The Mind’s proprietary concepts and specialized coaching skills, due to their intrinsic nature to human behavior, are best acquired with the help and support of expert trainers and coaches. Blair Dunkley, founder and developer of the ReWiring The Mind’s proprietary concepts principles and skills.


Pre-requisite Program for Mind Model Method Training and Coach Training 


Just as in life, there are steppingstones to take you where you want to go, in training there too is a first step to help you learn and define your desired results and give you the tools to achieve them.  That is the purpose of the “Mind Model Method eBook and the 3E’s Masterclass”. They sever as an entry point for any of the intensive trainings offered.

Mind Model Method eBook and the 3E’s Masterclass helps you understand what Mind Models are. What they are NOT. And gives you an experience so you can get started using the Mind Models right away.

Sales Programs

Do you have all the leadership talent that you need? 

We are sure that it’s not news to you – the new “war for talent” is on and it’s even more challenging when you look around your organization and realize that in a few years many of your current leaders -who are Baby Boomers – will be retiring.  It will be the largest concentration of workers retiring – ever!  How will you fill those positions? And how will you give the people you have now the kind of development experiences that will allow them to grow into the leaders you will need for tomorrow?

We are sales and leadership development coaching consultants specializing in helping all kinds of organizations identify and develop their talent – not just for today, but for tomorrow as well.


Developing Your Most Important Assets – People; Research has proven time and again that a commitment to developing people is at the heart of an effective organization.


ReWiring The Mind Elite Sales Training Program

In this intensive, customized, and highly interactive program, participants will

learn to internalize the Foundation Skills for Sales Performance. Unlike any other

training programs or books that dispense “common-sense advice” based on the

principle of an “efficient sales process”, ReWiring The Mind is based on over 100,000

hours of professional business and sales coaching sessions.


The ReWiring The Mind Elite Sales Training Program deconstructs the most critical

selling principles and teaches the specific skill sets required to implement them.

These behavior-based competencies form the indispensable foundation for

successful selling and negotiating in any industry, market, or organization and


It is important to note: The ReWiring The Mind sales training in no way replaces traditional sales techniques, systems, processes and structures.  It does, however, build in the relational soft skills and “human” elements into the sales process.  These relational sales skills focus on the human condition and give salespeople a guided structure in which to lead a client through to a value driven buying decision.  This process we will be adding to the sales training is highly adaptive to different personalities and styles of the salespeople.  It also serves to stabilize the clients in their connection to their decisions and perception with a higher level of trust associated to the salesperson.


ReWiring The Mind Sales Manager Program

ReWiring The Mind® has spent over 30 years perfecting a behavioral approach to selling

that teaches any sales representative to do “on purpose” what the top 1% do

instinctively. ReWiring The Mind students learn to leverage universal language patterns

to gain instant insight into your customer’s true requirements, intentions & buying

timeframes. Innovative and adaptive salespeople and their managers are not born, they are made. Innovative thinking and adaptive problem solving cannot be achieved through standard “in the box” training. (“In the box” training is an essential element in the training process.) Doing the one thing that’s worked for one person does not necessarily mean that it will work equally well for the next. Understanding fundamental human behaviours that are easy to use, duplicate and repeatable is where ReWiring The Mind starts. When you can start understanding how somebody else is processing information you have a fair advantage over your competition. Plus, the ability to get your client, sales, or the manager more resourceful is the building blocks for adaptive problem solving. Having these fundamental building blocks in place enables the individuals within the company and the company itself to begin growing innovative thinkers on a consistent predictable basis.

An example of building training to manage perceptions:

ReWiring The Mind, was contracted by our client to help them implement an effective perception management and training process for the company to design, develop and deploy comprehensive, integrated CRM, “backend management, accounting and customer information management software tools”.  At the time the client was $100 million in annual sales, growing by 20% in our first year with them and 40% the following year, during our two-year contract. They also expanded their client base from 3000 clients to 4500 clients during the same timeframe. What enabled us to facilitate the rapid adoption, and utilization of this new technology roll -out, for this client, was pre-deployment training for the deliberate purpose of expectation and perception management. This clients’ accelerated growth was enhanced by people understanding what and how the ‘technology ‘would be the advantage they needed and consequentially embraced the change.  By identifying, creating, and strategically deploying Sticky Behaviours that create strategic Positive Infection ReWiring The Mind was able to create predicted Positive Contagious Events throughout the company.


Intentional Leadership TM – The Series

Level 1 – Fundamentals of Leadership – for junior managers

Level 2 – Observational and Interventional Leadership – for mid-level managers

Level 3 – Strategic and Intentional Leadership – For upper management and executive teams


E- Leadership (E-Leadership) – for business owners and managers.  You will discover the skills that align your goals, vision and values to your actions, your team, and your results.  You will gain the skills required to get and retain traction to move you to your results. You will understand how to implement account-ability structures with yourself and others. You will learn how to be more efficient in your leadership role, be more effective at delegating responsibility and authority.


Executive Leadership Development – for C-Level=2 0leaders and Senior Executive teams

The introduction or the development of a successful leader into a management team is a good investment for any organization. Leaders visualize plans, inspire subordinates, and plan the required course. Leadership skills comprise of various qualities such as vision, optimism, commitment to values and purpose and the ability to use power and influence effectively.

ReWiring The Mind Career Focused Programs

Operant Effectual Counseling – OEC is a New, Fresh, Fast Approach. OEC helps you, the counselor, to gain clarity with yourself and your clients, and it provides immediate access to action plans. In addition, you are able to build a new level of safety for both you and your client. From this course, you can immediately: appraise a client, select the appropriate tools used in assisting the client, go immediately to a positive intervention, take the client to a resourceful and effective state, and build an action plan that the client is motivated to implement.


Getting it Done Coaching – entry and advanced level programs for coaches working in the field of coaching and HR or who have a desire to work in the coaching field.  ReWiring The Mind is always looking for anyone wishing to improve their existing skills for their own business or possibly would like to join our dynamic team of professionals within the ReWiring The Mind company.


Trainer Training – 

ReWiring The Mind Trainers – for the programs above.

Corporate – Legacy coaching

ReWiring The Mind – ‘Legacy coaching’ is a defined process we employ when we have developed a specific program or process for a client company.  We truly believe, it is an injustice to leave the company with a hole – a lack of expertise and ability to duplicate the training programs and process for adaptation and expansion purposes.   Our clients will have the ability to continue to train and deploy on the program and modify it properties as the company expands and grows, long after ReWiring The Mind is done the project.

Trainer selection Process: We will do this by selecting key individuals within the client company that have the aptitude to be trainers and move them into a trainer program.  We prefer to select from a broad base of individuals to ensure ROI – return on investment.  So by selecting and training people to be trainers, from HR, sales, management, administration and/or projects; we help to build in longevity of training years for the developed programs.  This “pollination” of trainers throughout the company, protects your investment=2 0of training and intellectual property from leaving the company, which it could very easily happen, if only one person was selected and trained.

*License arrangement will be made so that this step can be installed.

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