Blair is chief developer of the Proprietary Science that results in dramatic difference for ResultsNOW Inc. A respected expert in the fields of neuro and behavioral science, Blair has a 32-year reputation of owning successful training companies complimented by his life-long, investigative research to analyze and optimize behaviors for personal and corporate performance. He is a Master Trainer and Coach for ResultsNOW, Life Skills Colleges and Integrated Neuro Systems, and a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Blair has created or co-developed a variety of revolutionary behavior, communication or training methodologies, including: Question Concepts™, Hyper Thread Communication™, Operant Effectual Counseling, Catalytic Counseling, The Rapid Management Model, The Quick Coach Model, People Skills / Applying People Skills and The Results Vector – all unique to ResultsNOW. 
Blair’s ground breaking work in the areas of Question Concepts, Belief Systems, Behavior Change and Language Patterns fuelled his recognition of how people hear and process information content. From this, he developed “Profiling” (or language pattern recognition), a process allowing him to instantly identify an individual’s current beliefs, attitudes, skills, abilities, resources, personality traits and past experiences that will impact their abilities to perform in a given role, short and long term. Blair does this with a high degree of accuracy within as little as 30 seconds of conversation. 
Blair is the author of many training manuals and articles on behaviors, communication, alignment and leadership. He has also been written about in numerous publications, including: “The Tao of Counseling” by Phillip Warren Ph.C; and “People Skills Manuals: Part I / II” by the Insurance Adjusters of Canada. 
Blair is a charismatic, highly passionate and life-changing trainer and keynote speaker who has presented to groups as large as 600 plus people. He is a TEC Resource Speaker, providing training techniques to CEOs and top Executives across Canada; and has guest lectured to undergraduate and post-graduate students in the departments of Psychology, Business Administration, Dentistry and Pharmacy at universities and colleges throughout Western Canada. 
Blair’s spare time is most savored relaxing with his family, sipping a good (Starbucks®) coffee, touring the open road on his 10th Anniversary Victory Vision motorcycle, or d) all of the above.

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